Organic And Natural Body Oil

What You Should Know About Organic & Natural Body Oils

Over time, the skin’s ability to retain moisture diminishes, which means even after applying moisturizer your skin may still feel dry. A great way to combat this is through the use of organic and natural body oils.

Organic and natural body oils are typically used to keep your skin smooth and silky by restoring hydration to your skin and helping it retain more nutrients. Organic oils have widely begun overtaking lotions as they can provide lightweight moisture that is quickly absorbed by your skin. This is because the ingredients in these oils are made from natural ingredients that your skin is able to absorb without leaving behind residues.

Why Try Organic Oils

Throughout much of the world, natural oils have long been a part of beauty and self-care routines. Contrary to popular belief, organic body oils are more readily available to be used by your body than petroleum based lotions and moisturizers. Thus, they are less likely to clog pores.

A little oil also goes a long way, so you can usually get by with using less and still get great moisturizing results. Body oil can keep your skin moisturized for hours, while lotions tend to rub off more quickly. Additionally, using body oils can benefit your overall sense of wellbeing through massage application or the natural ingredients utilized, like lavender.

Beauty Benefits

Our organic body oil works to moisturize and soften the look of your skin with a unique blend of hydrating oils, including coconut, that have been infused with nutrient rich herbs like milk thistle, life everlasting and calendula.

Unlike unscented moisturizers, our moisturizing body oil includes the scent of lavender, which creates a calming effect. These natural ingredients work together to help with dry skin. The benefit to these products is that they are organically grown or wildcrafted, both sustainable methods which keep the environment and your skin healthy as can be.

For the Best Results

To achieve the best results when using organic and natural body oils in your skin care routine, use them after a shower or bath, or you can add a few drops directly into the bath. You can also use the body oil for massage by warming it between your palms before applying to the skin.

Keep in mind that unlike lotion, the oil may solidify at temperatures below 76 degrees. If this happens, simply run the bottle under hot water to liquefy, then shake well. Organic and natural body oil is suitable for all skin types, and are a great way to soothe and moisturize your body and ease your mind.

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