Organic And Natural Foundation

Choosing The Right Makeup Products For Healthy Skin

If you’re already using natural and organic products in your skincare routine, that’s great! But what type of products are you using for your makeup in your beauty routine?

Your skin absorbs a portion of the products you apply, which means that whichever foundation you are using can affect the long-term look and health of your skin as well.

To help keep your skin in its best condition it’s important to use natural and organic makeup products that help enhance your skin instead of hurt it.

There isn’t much of a point to using natural and healthy ingredients when cleansing and moisturizing your skin if you’re only going to cover it up with unnatural and unhealthy synthetic makeup.

Reasons to Consider Going Natural

While you aren’t going completely natural in the sense that you won’t be bare faced, using an organic and natural foundation for makeup is the next best thing.

There are several benefits to using an organic foundation. For starters, organic and natural foundations tend to be better for the environment in that their production process does not utilize harsh chemicals. Additionally, the ingredients used are often soothing to your skin and can help heal your skin while you’re wearing it.

The inclusion of so many healthful natural agents can actually make organic foundations double as a moisturizer. Your skin is able to absorb a portion of these natural ingredients, which also allows the organic makeup to lay smoother on your skin.

Mineral foundations can be found in powder, cream and liquid formulas depending on your preference. These products are also perfect for those with sensitive skin who struggle to find safe cosmetics.

Our Organic Option

To help put your best face forward, we created Minerals by Annmarie makeup, an organic and natural foundation.

Minerals by Annmarie is made with 100% pure mineral powders, contains no additives and is non-toxic. It allows you to create either a liquid or dry foundation with buildable coverage ranging from a tinted flow to a flawless finish.

Our mineral powders are easily mixed together to create a custom color, and we offer a sample kit with all eight color pigments available in order to help you find the best match for your skin color.

Minerals by Annmarie Minerals is made with natural ingredients including titanium dioxide, iron oxide, mica, and zinc oxide. Organic and natural foundation is a great way to round out your skincare and beauty routine and help achieve a beautiful natural makeup look.

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