Passionate - Pure Essential Oil Blend (5ml)

Passionate - Pure Essential Oil Blend (5ml)



Indulge, electrify, and be sensual. A warm and sweet essential oil blend to help you relax and awaken your sensuality. Earthy, grounding notes of vetiver and buddha wood provide a base for the passion-igniting aromas of rose and sandalwood.

For Best Results:

Apply 1-2 drops onto wrists, or add to a carrier oil (such as pure coconut, olive, or grapeseed) and apply like a moisturizer. Use it in your diffuser, or add it to water to make a room spray.

With all essential oils, we recommend doing a small patch test before using. Passion is not intended for internal use.

Made With:

Essential oils of sandalwood (Santalum album oil), vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides root oil), frankincense (Boswellia carterii gum extract), *Moroccan rose absolute (Rosa centifolia flower extract), sweet myrrh (Opoponax oil), amyris (Amyris balsamifera bark oil), buddha wood (Eremophillia mitchelli oil).

*Organically grown or wildcrafted


We love our pure signature scents for their centering powers: sometimes, aromatherapy is tied less to memories and more to conviction. Nostalgia can be anticipatory, too.

Take something like Passionate, which happens to pair well with a personal mantra of positivity (smooth takeoff, smooth arrival) as it prys open your heart chakra. Simply slip the cap off your travel-ready, all-natural blend—then inhale. This can be really helpful when the stress of airports segue into the recycled air of the plane (hello, comforting frankincense).

Maybe you have a date upon landing. Your stomach is aflutter with butterflies as you join your husband at the table. May we suggest another whiff of Passionate, with its rose-enhanced aura and sensual undertones? You’ve arrived—any and all knots in your stomach loosen and there you are fully immersed in eye contact and that knowing smirk.

The peace of mind you receive is no accident—it’s actually the mantra behind formulating all five of our all-natural signature scents. Please, then—do consider our version of aromatherapy on the go. Life often is a kind of limbo, is it not?

We want you staying Passionate every step of the way.


You are feeling philosophical today—waxing poetic on passion. It is as much bringing home a dozen roses for your partner as it is sitting by their bedside after open-heart surgery.

Your husband is all about the former, though the flowers he sends you come by mail. He’s still travelling for work, after all. But the note of gratitude attached to the bouquet is a clear indication of how thankful he was for your visit. Passion flies miles, does it not?

You bury your nose in your favorite shade of red, then place a pot of water on the stove before spying a spray bottle near the spice rack. Weeks ago, when the cat was going through a rambunctious phase, you employed swift squirts of water that garnered hisses in your direction. Now it’s the perfect vessel to deploy this essential oil blend, which you spritz in the hallway.

Then—bang. You turn to see the necktie you bought him a few anniversaries ago, then the starched-collar button-up you got him last Christmas. You barely have time to register his smile before he plants a kiss on your Passionate-scented forehead.

He’s early, way too early for dinner. But dessert is very much in the works.

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