Mineral Makeup

The Difference Between Regular Products And Ours

Mineral makeup is the way to go if you’re looking for natural options for your cosmetics. Instead of using chemical dyes to achieve the colors you see, mineral makeup uses finely ground particles of ingredients like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and mica. Each of these has its own set of colors and properties that make it safe for your skin.

What Makes Mineral Makeup Different

When we talk about mineral makeup there are a few things you should know about how cosmetics are made. The main difference between mineral makeup and regular makeup is not actually the minerals themselves.

In fact, most regular cosmetics also contain trace amounts of the same minerals. The biggest difference is that the minerals are used entirely in place of other chemical agents. This is why you may see regular cosmetics with similar ingredient lists, but also with extra non-natural additives.

The minerals used in this makeup are processed in a lab to ensure their purity, and then they are mixed into a base made of natural oils or alcohols which carry the color.

Many people choose mineral makeup not just because of its non-comedogenic properties, but also because of the enhanced coverage they get from the colors and powders. In general, it takes less of this makeup to achieve the same look as one would typically achieve with a different foundation choice.

Minerals by Annmarie

We created Minerals by Annmarie as a multi-purpose natural and organic makeup for people who want to improve their skin tone and general look of their complexion without compromising the health of their skin. We use 100% pure mineral powders that are non-toxic and contain no additives.

Minerals by Annmarie comes in eight different shades, and the powders mix together easily to create a custom color blend with a natural makeup look.

Another great benefit is that it typically takes less mineral makeup to build coverage than other foundation options, and our mineral makeup is no different. You have the option of using it as a liquid or dry foundation so you can create buildable coverage ranging from just a hint of color correction to full face coverage.

Organic mineral makeup allows you to take the best care of your skin and help enhance your skincare routine while making you feel and look beautiful.

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