Coconut Body Oil (100ml)



Coconut Body Oil is also available in the larger 200ml size.

Nourish and soften your skin daily with a unique blend of oils infused with nutrient-rich herbs — milk thistle, life everlasting and calendula. This luxurious formula is rich in lauric acid (coconut oil) and finished with the aroma of lavender. Soothes the body and eases the mind.

Key Ingredients:

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Milk Thistle Seed, Rooibos


  • Moisturizes
  • Nourishes
  • Softens Skin

Suitable for:

  • All Skin Types

For Best Results:

Use after​ ​shower ​or bath ​as an all over​ ​body moisturizer​, or add a few drops to bath​. ​For the ultimate massage oil, ​warm between palms​​ before applying to clean skin.

NOTE: ​May solidify at temps below 76°. ​Run bottle under hot water​​ to liquify, then shake well​​. Or store bottle in shower.

Made With:

*Extra virgin coconut oil, *sunflower oil, herb infused oil (*grapeseed oil, *calendula flowers, *comfrey leaves, *comfrey root, *echinacea purpurea, *gingko leaves, *goji berries, *gotu kola leaves, *hibiscus flowers, *lavender flowers, *lemon balm, *licorice root, *life everlasting flowers, *lotus stamen, *plantago leaves, *rhodiola, *rooibos, *rose petals, *rosemary leaves, *green tea leaves, *shavegrass (horsetail herb), *violet leaves, *acai fruit, *amla, *ashwagandha, *frankincense, *milk thistle seed), *aloe vera oil, *olive oil, non-GMO vitamin E tocopherols, essential oils of *lavender, elemi, peru balsam and frankincense.

*Organically grown or wildcrafted

Coconut Body Oil is also available in the larger 200ml size.


Your husband bought a massage for your last anniversary, but not this time. He didn’t even splurge on a fancy, rhinestone-studded card again this year.

No, this anniversary is different. You sensed it the moment you walked in—you smelled it, actually. Faint florals hit your nose, along with the toasty aroma of whatever he baked and you ate, pleasantly surprised. The whole house was lavender-scented (your favorite candle) by the time dessert segued into your favorite gift: a bottle of Coconut Body Oil.

The cherry on top (or so you thought) was the handmade card. He passed it to you with a childlike grin, which you wiped clean of cake crumbs with your finger. Then he suggested you lie down as the end credits rolled to your favorite show. Massage time. Dessert number two.


You fell in love with the last bottle of Coconut Body Oil you tried. It was a cold autumn night and the season had caught up with you in the form of sniffles and coughs. Your head was in a fog and your body ached, as if you’d just went for a jog.

Do you know the feeling of a hot shower when you’re feeling under the weather?

That was a start. You felt your pores open at the same time your sinuses cleared and the bathroom filled with steam. Your foggy reflection smiled back as you sat on the tub’s edge and rubbed your favorite after-shower routine into your legs, which can always use a dose of this formula crafted to fortify and hydrate the skin at the same time softens and soothes. Bathrobe or not, our Coconut Body Oil is a silky coat unto itself.

First—the lavender. That’s the first indication that mind and body are being soothed. Hints of peru balsam and frankincense add an earthier essence to a scent that will follow you into bedtime. Naturally, the formula goes deep: organic grapeseed oil speeds moisture absorption along at once, and a unique blend of oils infused with wildcrafted herbs help nourish nutrients back into your body. Milk thistle seed, for instance—high in Vitamin E and and fatty acids. And rooibos is a flavanoid-rich, powerful anti-aging ingredient packed full of Vitamin D and zinc. But it’s a hearty base of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil that synergizes these healing antioxidants at once.

The cherry on top? It is absolutely pure to the point of edibility, or at least kissing. So when it came time for that romantic anniversary evening, you learned firsthand how beautifully our Coconut Body Oil functions as a massage oil. The love of your life pressed his palms on all the areas you couldn’t reach yourself—now nourished by the nutrient-dense array of flowers in this formula, from hibiscus and calendula to rose petals….

Blissful serenity hopefully set in somewhere around neck and shoulders as he massaged a veritable bouquet deeper and deeper into your sensual second skin.

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